Birthing Indigeaux Beauty

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Indigeaux Beauty started from a thought of how to connect make-up with spirituality and self-love. During the course of my own personal journey of healing I researched many different tools to assist me with breaking the barriers within myself. When I envisioned Indigeaux Beauty, I saw a cosmetic line that was physically safe, vegan, free of animal cruelty and full of enlightenment tools that can help any one that comes into contact with our brand, team and products.

Indigeaux Beauty - The Hue That Fits You means in beauty, life and in healing you have to be more concerned about your peace, your joy and your happiness. There's no blueprint to life or code that fits every single person. With make-up some people may prefer matte lipstick some may just prefer lip-gloss; but you still move forward with doing what completes your look that you are going for.

The goal with makeup is to allow your inner beauty to gleaux from within outward on to your canvas and Indigeaux Beauty wants to be apart of that gleaux. We plan to share different things to uplift and encourage everyone from a blog that will help break down different metaphysical and spiritual tools to pamphlets that will be included in the packages. We are in no way shape, form or fashion attempting to persuade anyone to change or altar their beliefs only to provide an alternative to assist on ones journey to healing.

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