the all day long GLEAUX effect.

Indigeaux Beauty is a cosmetic line that is designed to assist consumers with bringing out their inner gleaux (glow). Indigeaux Beauty is full of handmade skin care products and beauty essentials for both men and women.

D. Powell

Hello, I just received my package and the Cocoanilla is really nice and smells so good. It feels good against my skin especially my lips. Is it a body butter or lip balm because I used it on both lol!

L. Brown

The Fairy Dust powder is perfect. It gives me all the coverage I need and is great for my oily skin. The Cocoanilla smells sooo good and it keeps my skin silky smooth. I also loved the eyebrow pencil. It fills in my brows perfectly with no harsh lines.

K. Jones

The Mini Matte Lippie is EVERYTHING!!! Its compact yet very pigmented. It doesn't dry your lips out and it lasts a long time. 

L. Hunt

Goooood morning okay so I like this body butter. I usually don't put stuff on my face I have REALLY SENSITIVE SKIN but I tried it anyway. Lotion usually makes my face extremely oily but it just feels moisturized. My nose is always oily but the rest of my face wasn't. My hands feel super soft and my feet still feel smooth and soft.

K. Block

I got 5 of the color options. My first time wearing this lipstick was a drunken night in Vegas and the lipstick stayed on ALL NIGHT! I think that’s says a lot. The lipstick didn’t flake up throughout the night (like a lot of matte lipsticks tend to do). I highly recommend you all purchasing!

Stay In The Kneaux!! 

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